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The human body

Programming and content of module VI

This lesson is dedicated to the representation of the human figure.

We will study the bone and muscle structure to understand the human anatomy and then understand the balance through the points of support in the postures to make them work properly.

We will let our hands free through sketching and some quick painting sessions, which will give us confidence in the anatomical study and movement, and we will work on the different cold or warm tendencies in the color of the skin according to the expressive effect and the lighting we are looking to achieve.

Topic 1 - Introduction to the human figure


  • The representation of the figure
  • Canons and proportions
  • Diversity and similarities
  • The skeleton and general musculature

In the following lessons, we will expand our anatomical knowledge by discussing the human body, the skeleton and the general musculature.

You will learn to represent a figure taking into account the canons and proportions, as well as the differences and similarities existing from one body to another.

Topic 2 - Balance and attitude of the figure


  • Axes and blocks
  • Motion vs rest
  • Foreshortening and maximum turns
  • Axes and points of support to achieve attitude

Once you know the proportions of the human body in drawing, you will expand your knowledge by learning how to represent the movement of the human body.

We will talk about the differences between representing a figure at rest and showing it in motion, axes and blocks, foreshortening, …..

Topic 3 - Studying the shape of volumes


  • Study of the hands and feet
  • Hand models
  • Foot models
  • Study of the arms and legs
  • Arm models
  • Leg models
  • Study of the torso and head
  • Torsos Models

Having seen the previous topics, we will continue perfecting our representation of the figure, focusing now on more specific areas, such as representing hands, feet, torsos, …

You are going to study each part of the body in greater depth, representing each one separately, in order to, in later topics, work with all of them as a whole.

Topic 4 - Fluency in the representation of the figure


  • Sketching, fluency and gesture
  • Sticking to line
  • Fast painting

In the following topics we are going to talk about looseness and gesture in the figure; for this, you will learn an essential and very necessary technique, sketching.

You will work all the aspects previously learned(volumes, axis,…) in a much more agile way.

Topic 5 - Mastering the human figure


  • Expressiveness of the figure
  • Realistic figure
  • Expressive figure

As we saw in previous topics, with the portrait, now you are going to study the different skin tones in the human body to give your work a greater expressiveness and realism.

This is just a small brushstroke...

We offer you this lesson for free so that you can test our teaching method.

Discover a lesson from this module on the human body in drawing and painting.

In this lesson you will learn the basics of how to work with line sketching in drawing and painting.

Take a look at the dossier with the program for information on each of the 10 modules and the end-of-course project block, which make up this Introductory + Advanced Painting and   Drawing Course.

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trazo guepardo del curso de pintura

Why are these classes important in the course? ⬅

And when we are going to paint a full body image, it seems much more complex, doesn’t it? Many more elements are involved. How do we achieve realistic results when we are no longer just painting a face or bust?

In the following lessons you will study the skeleton and general musculature, learning how to represent the figure while maintaining canons and proportions. Also, in order to reflect a real image, you will learn how to manage the gravity and support points (to reflect the posture), as well as how to work with different skin tones.

Below you will find a free lesson from each module of the online painting and drawing course.

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