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Mastering light and color

Programming and content of module IV

In these choices of the

introductory course in painting

we will advance in the study of light and color, approaching them from the unique perspective of the painter. Applying all the theoretical knowledge acquired, we will delve deeper into the importance of breaking tones.

We will learn the correct use and order in the palette, the harmony and derivation of tones in it.

We will develop techniques to obtain concrete color mixtures and we will understand the functioning of the cold or warm tendency of the shadows depending on the temperature of the light of the image to work with. In this section we show you a free lesson of the online beginners course of drawing and painting.

Topic 1 - Controlling color


  • Saturated vs. broken tones
  • Our color palette
  • Use and order in the palette
  • The whites
  • Blacks and their procurement
  • Lighten shades
  • Darken shades
  • Cooling tones or fading tones
  • Achieving specific shades
  • Cubes: one’s own shadows

Continuing within light and color, as in the previous module, in the following topics we will see much more advanced aspects, such as saturated and broken tones, how to lighten and darken tones, … to get control of color theory.

Topic 2 - Color harmony


  • Color harmony
  • Tools to create harmony
  • General aspects of lighting and color of light

Having seen the complementary colors, let’s go deeper into them to see how to create harmony in our works.

We will learn what colors can be combined, in what proportions, …..

Topic 3 - The role of color in the representation of light


  • The color of light and the color of shadows
  • Spheres: own and cast shadows
  • Color contamination by reflection
  • Color reflections
  • Perceptual color contamination
  • Theatricality of color

So far we have seen how to lighten or darken a shade. At this point, you may ask: how can I know the color of a shadow, of an object or of the shadow cast by that object?

In the following lessons we teach you this and much more.

Theme 4 - Volume through stain and color


  • Technical aspects of volume representation
  • Still life: creating volume

In this topic you will learn, through techniques, how to achieve volume and plane separation.

We will teach you those aspects you need to know to give more realism and depth to your works.

Topic 5 - Pictorial techniques applied to landscapes


  • First water and grass painting techniques
  • Landscape approach

Having seen the basics of light and color, we are going to teach you some new painting techniques, in this case, applied to a landscape.

Applying everything you have learned in the previous lessons, we will pay special attention to the application of color and volume.

This is just a small brushstroke...

We offer you this free lesson of the introductory course so that you can test our teaching method.

Discover a lesson from this module on the mastering light and color module.

You will see how to make a correct use of the palette and in order from scratch based on a practical teaching.

Take a look at the dossier with the complete painting course schedule for information on each of the 10 modules and the end-of-course project block, which make up this Beginners + Advanced Painting and Drawing Course.

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trazo guepardo del curso de pintura

Why are these classes important in the course? ⬅

I already know what complementary tones are, how to break a tone and everything I have seen in the previous module, but how do I use the painter’s palette? how do i get the color i want?

In the following lessons of the c
n the following lessons of the online painting and drawing initiation course
you will put into practice all the knowledge about color theory that you have acquired during the previous module, learning, among other things, the correct use and order in the palette, as well as how to obtain concrete color mixtures. You will also work on the use of shadows, depending on the color temperature.

Below you will find a free lesson from each module of the online painting and drawing course.

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