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Line and lace in drawing and painting

Programming and content of module II

In these lessons of introductory course in painting we will understand the importance of a good base in drawing before going into the learning of painting. We will teach you techniques for the previous lace of the drawing learning from scratch.

We will work from the construction of a simple form to the fitting of the natural one, passing through the resource of the grid in drawing. We will also emphasize the importance of study and sketching prior to painting.

All this with the aim of training our own artistic creativity. In this section we show you a free lesson of the online beginners course of drawing and painting.

Topic 1 - The importance of drawing in the practice of painting


  • Introduction to the importance of drawing in the practice of painting.

Let’s see why, although it is not absolutely essential to draw before painting, it is very necessary to have some basic notions of drawing to, among other things, be able to develop our painting step by step.

A base in drawing will allow us to “learn to look”, that is to say, to learn to study the work we are going to make, from the simplest to the most complex.

Theme 2 - Deconstruction in drawing


  • Initiation to references in drawing practice
  • Deconstruction with basic shapes
  • Deconstruct and reconstruct with basic shapes

In this topic we are going to focus on “how to learn to look“, how to see if my work  has the correct measurements   and proportions (within the own style that each one of us has), being each element of the work positioned in the right place. Going from the simplest to the most complex in the drawing.

During the following lessons we will work to develop a method that will allow us to fit our drawing perfectly, getting the basic shapes out of it, and then making it more complex.

Topic 3 - The grid method in drawing


  • Introduction to the grid method
  • The grid
  • Size conversion with grid
  • Rescale a grid to fit the drawing.

You will learn a very useful drawing technique to fit your drawings, mainly when we want to transfer an image to a different size (smaller or bigger).

This drawing technique, based on the use of lines as a reference, helps us a lot when fitting our drawing.

Topic 4 - Fitting in the drawing


  • The lace method
  • First laces
  • Fitting complex still lifes
  • Fitting a figure
  • Natural lace
  • Still life from life

After having seen the techniques of drawing deconstruction and the grid method of drawing, in the following lessons we are going to enter fully into the technique of lace. We arrive at a more complex method than those previously explained to fit a figure.

The lace method is the most recommended because we also take into account the environment in which the figure is framed, as well as the margins of the paper on which we are going to make the drawing.

Topic 5 - Sketching in drawing


  • The importance of sketching in the drawing practice
  • Modulating the line and establishing priorities
  • Sketching with limited time
  • How to badapt the fit of the model to our bracket

We will teach you the importance of sketching in drawing. You will learn how to extract the most basic shapes and then paint over them.

Sketching will help us to better understand the shapes we are seeing, being able to self-correct more easily and, thus, obtaining better and better results.

This is just a small brushstroke...

We offer you this free lesson of the introductory course so that you can test our teaching method.

Discover a lesson from this module on line and lace.

You will see how to make sketches of drawings and you will be able to make your first drawings from scratch based on a practical teaching.

Take a look at the dossier with the complete painting course schedule for information on each of the 10 modules and the end-of-course project block, which make up this Beginners + Advanced Painting and Drawing Course.

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trazo guepardo del curso de pintura

Why are these classes important in the course? ⬅

I know that drawing is very important in order to have a base on which to paint on canvas, but how do you draw? shall I start with canvas drawings for beginners? will my drawings be pretty? will it be easy? are these paints for beginners? What if I don’t know how to draw? What if I know how to make basic drawings, but not those that are more complex?

Throughout this module of the c
urso of initiation in painting and drawing online
we will learn painting and drawing techniques (starting with the simplest and then learning more complex ones) with which you will learn to draw, acquiring the ability to “learn to look”, that is, to learn to study the work we are going to do, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Below you will find a free lesson from each module of the online painting and drawing course.

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